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LogicMail is a J2ME E-Mail client supporting IMAP and POP, and designed to run on RIM  BlackBerry handheld devices. Its goal is to provide an alternative to the service-oriented "push" E-Mail system that the device normally provides, so we can also use our conventional E-Mail services. The inspiration for this project came from the now defunct  Mail4ME project, as well as some of the initial protocol code.

The big focus in this client is on usable IMAP support, which seems to be an afterthought in some other clients. Why IMAP first? Well, two reasons: First, I use IMAP personally. Second, the IMAP protocol allows a lot of optimization for constrained latency and bandwidth that POP does not provide. As such, I suspect the IMAP implementation will always feel much faster than the POP one. However, be assured that I have implemented POP support too, since I know it is important to a lot of potential users.


Right now you can find the source code in SVN, if you dig through the SourceForge project page. I'm using a BSD-style license for this project, except where noted otherwise.

If you want to try it on your BlackBerry handheld, the easiest way is to point your mobile browser at the "Over-The-Air" installation link:

  • Latest release: 0.3.3
  • Development snapshot builds (for BlackBerry OS v4.1 or higher) from  CruiseControl:
    •  Over-The-Air Installation - Latest build
    •  ZIP archive - Latest build (for the Application Loader)
    •  OTA installable files - Navigate to the JAD files for installation
    •  ZIP archives
    • Status: Version 0.4 is now feature-complete. It would have been released already, however increased user testing has turned up some bugs that should be addressed first. These are bugs that would also affect 0.3.3, but will only be fixed in 0.4. From here on out, consider 0.3.x closed to any updates. Once the current round of bugs are resolved, 0.4 will be released as 0.4.0 and a corresponding 0.4.x maintenance branch will be created.


Questions? Comments? Write me at octo@…

If you would rather use SSL, this page is also available  here.