Over-the-air installation

  • Open the BlackBerry browser, and navigate to:
  • The web page should display your device model and OS version, and provides a single download link.
  • Select the link named "Click to install"
  • Click the "Download" button

Desktop-loader installation

  • Go to the  SourceForge Download Page
  • Click on the newest release
  • Download the ZIP file
  • Unzip somewhere on your desktop, connect your BlackBerry to your desktop, navigate to that location with the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, and install

Starting LogicMail

  • Navigate to the application icon (on OS 5.0, it is in the Downloads folder)
  • Click the icon, and accept the license agreement
  • If the application was installed with insufficient permissions, then a permissions request popup will also be shown


Initial settings

  • New account setup: Set the name and E-Mail address to be used when sending messages from your account
  • Account type: Select whether you are using the IMAP or POP protocol to connect to your mail server. (IMAP is strongly recommended if your mail service supports it.)
  • Account name: Type a name to use to refer to this account

Server and authentication

  • Mail server: Enter the server address, port, and security setting
  • Authentication: Enter the username and password for accessing your account
  • Outgoing mail server: Enter the server address, port, and security setting for your SMTP server
  • Outgoing authentication: Enter the username and password for sending mail, which may be the same as the username and password for receiving mail

Connection and completion

  • Connection settings: The defaults should be fine, unless you have specific and unusual needs
  • Finish: Connection testing is optional, but is a quick way of ensuring that you entered the right settings for your mail servers.